Old News


Our petition is online at Woking Borough Council. At today’s date there are 162 online signatures plus that many at least on our paper ones from a couple of events let alone the ones in various locations around town. We have found out that if there are 400 signatures then the petition has to be called in and debated by Full council. We have the support of our MP, many local councillors, are dealing with various charities and voluntary groups and are confident this eventual large venue will be available for the whole town. Bearing in mind that we have a year to keep this petition open and we got 100 signatures in the first day, we are confident that this will show the need for this facility in Woking. In the meantime, the shop, is nearly ready. More on that later. Please sign this petition. We understand some people feel uncomfortable signing petitions but we know that Councils and other statutory organisations use them as an indicator of need. We also say that as businesses in the Woking community are often consulted that those who work or visit Woking should also sign to show how they want the town they spend time in to welcome them. If their business  is sought by the Council then as human beings they should be included and have the right to say how they would like the community they spend time in to feel as well. The town is being redeveloped. There is an Economic redevelopment plan and many have seen it start to take place. As consultants reported and committees discussed, make this the time we make our mark on our town and make something happen that will always be, from the ground up, representative of the best that Woking Communities have to give to each other……ah..go on!