Very pleased to be welcoming BR James back to the Phoenix Cultural Centre !!! ... See MoreSee Less

BR's intimate acoustic night at The Phoenix Cultural Centre, Woking

November 25, 2017, 8:00am

BR does an intimate night in Woking More information and ticket available soon

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We would like to thank everyone for the massive amount of support and action they have shown since we posted our statement about the delays on the project. We have every faith in Woking people and the artists and public who have visited from further afield who have shown immense support, the fantastic Music Venues Trust who reacted immediately and are working behind the scenes to resolve this, the members of the RSA/Power To Change Community Business Leaders team who rallied around to set up information and action exchange, Woking Fairtrade reps Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum, the councillors who replied instantly and so many more....from the youngest band who we first put on aged 8 and who now play TV gigs to the oldest who learnt music late in life - you are all amazing, from the brass band players, the ukulele strummers, the punks to the poets, the photographers writers singers Mum's Dads kids nans grandads and everyone in between
We may not be there yet but we are all together just as we knew everyone wants to be
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We were always about the whole community not just one part or one type of thing. We received this lovely email from Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum this morning - shared with permission

Dear Elaine,

I am so sorry to hear that you have not been able to progress Phoenix's plan for a community music venue, despite your hard work and commitment to creating a truly common space for the people Woking/Surrey. SMEF supports you in your cause and indeed our 45 diverse ethnic minority community groups were looking forward to using this space. Can we discuss coming together to lobby for this vital community facility? Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Suzanne Akram
Executive Director
Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum (SMEF)
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It's up to us to change.....
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Lots of people are asking for updates on taking over the Quake nightclub we were offered by Woking BC in March 2016 to make into a live music venue, The Fiery Bird, cultural centre and community space and what is happening. Rather than answer individual questions it is easier to update here.

After several dates promised over the last year and a half on when we could take it over we are still waiting for the lease. The next date we have been given is October 2017 though no specific date has been confirmed to us and as we have had 'definite' dates offered before that were unable to be met we can't have confidence in that. The end date of the lease they are offering is still not changing at March 2020. After this we understand that the area is being redeveloped, as yet no site is identified after this time for a music venue/cultural centre so post 2020 we do not know if we can obtain premises to bring all the elements of the project together to benefit the community

We are able to get several funding streams that were set up specifically for this type of project together to get this project to its aim however without a commitment on space/longevity this has stalled/blocked funding bids. Without a date we can't plan activity though we have many many contacts wanting to make things happen in there.

These are the facts and that is the current situation with all its consequential issues
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Well it is a relief to report that the parking outside the shop has reappeared - makes it ALOT easier for people to come to things especially in the evening as it is free ... See MoreSee Less

Streetlive tomorrow! 12.30pm featuring music from Will Purdue & Liza Bec and Anna Widdison plus fantastic entertainment in Jubilee Square from Mark the juggler! ... See MoreSee Less

Some lovely Woking people and our Streetlive entertainers on Sat 9 Sept ... See MoreSee Less

Come along and join in. Acoustic guitars, tambourines, hand drums and more available, just bring your voice and song sheets (If you want - we have plenty) and be prepared to have fun.
£3 on the door
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Jane's Jam

September 13, 2017, 7:30pm - October 25, 2017, 4:00pm

Come along and join in. Acoustic guitars, tambourines, hand drums and more available, just bring your voice and song sheets (If you want - we have plenty) and be prepared to have fun. £3 on the door

We are doing StreetLive again today with live music from Lisa VonH Jordan Briggs Rebecca Jayne and the lovely copper lady statue is back too

And while we were here at the centre getting everything ready a lovely lady came and donated two guitars and some teaching books this means that people who want to try out music but maybe aren't sure at first or can't afford an instrument can take part in workshops and jam sessions thank you Karen!!
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Looking forward to hosting some pregnancy yoga classes at The Phoenix Cultural Centre in Goldsworth Rd from 3rd Oct every Tuesday evening 7-8.15pm more details to follow these are not run by us but by the lovely Alla Alla Amanjot Yeates ... See MoreSee Less

Phil Coleman will be launching his book The Gift published by Hay House at the Phoenix Centre on Sat 30 Sept 8-11pm Free Entry
Come along and hear more about his inspiring story and hear some music from Phil

Here is a link to his event
The Gift - Book Launch
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The Gift - Book Launch

September 30, 2017, 8:00pm - September 30, 2017, 5:00pm

The event has been created for the launch of my book, "The Gift". Come and join me for an evening to learn what my book is about and a taste of some of the music that I wrote during that time on dialysis and the multiple transplants. The evening will start with a meet and greet and then I will give a brief overview of my book and why I wrote the book in the first place and you will discover a bit about my background. After the overview and questions I will play a couple of songs from the Original Gift CD and also the song that I talk about in the book. During the evening the Book and Origianl CD will be availble for purchase for £10. Book now and save a place!! If you are not local for the event, I'm sure we will catch up soon but I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally written and launched the book. It's on Amazon and several other book selling sites, including Balboa Press. To purchase a copy go to my website below and follow the links to buy one.

Massive thanks to all the artists who played at Woking's Food Festival this weekend and who were all brilliant especially with the not great weather today but who kept on going -

Nick Highton Beth Keeping Nathan Alker Ukeaholics James Parkin Rebecca Jayne Lisa VonH Rob Foster Will Purdue & Liza Bec Graham Armfield Anna Neale

And without our fantastic volunteers - Andy, Peter & Danny who did sterling work without the fantastic volunteers we couldn't do any of it

Most of all thanks to the lovely people of Woking who listened and encouraged and always do - you could never imagine how much it means to the musicians and us to have your support.
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James Parkin, Nick Highton, Rob Foster playing at Woking Food & Drink Festival. ... See MoreSee Less

Rebecca Jayne now singing at Woking Food & Drink Festival ... See MoreSee Less

Beth Keeping playing at Woking Food & Drink Festival ... See MoreSee Less