We have been very lucky to get some fantastic new volunteers on board who are joining and growing the team to make this venue a success in every area for everyone.
From cleaning, to building work, design, social media, marketing, grant writing, fundraising, marshalling, front of house, spreading the word, and all of the tasks that we need to make this pilot two year project a roaring success for Woking - if you have the skills we want you to feel part of it
Email to get involved
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Thursday's the new Friday!

And Fiery Bird's the new live music, 1000 capacity venue in Woking!

It's been empty and needs some love, but we're working hard day and night to to get it open for you all to enjoy ASAP

We'll be keeping you updated, so for now share the news and updates with everyone.

We're excited and can't wait to invite you here and get Woking on the live music international map!

All enquiries and very welcome offers of help 😀to
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Anyone with some plumbing/D-I-Y/electrical skills who would like to help us tackle the venue this Thursday evening, please make yourself known
The more the merrier!!!!
Send a text to 07934854352 and we will get back to you
All kinds of volunteers needed
And appreciated
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Any volunteers available tonight to help us clean the ground floor and foyer of the new fiery Bird venue between 7&9:30 please let us know via here or text me on 07934854352
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Thank you so much to everyone who has sent good wishes both on this page and messages on the signing of our lease for the Quake venue - we are sorry not to have responded to every one individually but we are so thankful for your support

Lots of people are asking how they can help

In the immediate future we are meeting 6.30pm -10pm Tues, Weds, Thurs this week to give it a clean up. There’s a lot to be done. If anyone can help that will be great, if anyone knows of people with specific skills - electrics, plumbing, building cleaning carpets etc we can get this done before installing new equipment and opening.

The situation is that we have the lease on this building for two years, so we have to treat it as a pilot project to convince of the need for a permanent live music, cultural and community venue in the centre of woking run by and for everyone here. The short lease cuts out some of the national grant opportunities we had lined up but with the support of the community using it, suggesting and attending events we can make it work

We are a registered community interest company that puts any profit back into supporting the community in this venture so there is somewhere for everyone for many generations ahead.
Please either message this page or FTAO Joe
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So this happened
We have a live music venue
We have to make it work
We have to make what people want to happen there
Get involved
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know this isn’t a sales place but just putting this out there
We have this lovely dresser that has to be collected from the Phoenix centre in Goldsworth Rd in exchange for a donation ring 07763833807
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Furniture sale on Thursday 15th March. 10am - 1pm
27 Goldsworth Road
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If anyone knows of someone that has space for our 3 spinning circular sofas from Thursday 15th March until 31st March please PM us urgently
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We have been asked to share this for Mamacapella a local choir, if you can help or know someone who can please get in touch with them on the email below

“Sadly it is almost time to say goodbye to Fi, so we are searching for a new conductor.

We meet on a Monday morning from 9.30 in term time. We have a regular group of mums who come every week, plus some others who come on a drop in basis. On average we have 7-10 people each week, and the room will hold a maximum of 15.

It would be a perfect opportunity for someone who wants to learn about conducting or practise their skills in a real environment, or an experienced conductor who wants a more relaxing Monday morning. Fi is happy to go through what kind of level the choir is at and how it operates in more detail with any applicants.

If you would be interested, please email us at
If it isn't for you, please share our post to help in our search.

Thank you!”
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Thanks to everyone who came to the leaving party last night we had a great time and great to share it and memories with such lovely people, some fantastic music happened too 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

Yesterday we were so lucky to host Louise Jordan and her No More Petticoats workshop and performance - it was a mesmerising, moving, uplifting event - absolutely amazing. We are so lucky that she has agreed to come back later in the year and do another show for us, this highly sought after artist is so booked up - to get her once is great but a repeat performance - you honestly don’t want to miss her when she comes back it was an incredible show with stories of amazing inspirational women who made history and the songs she wrote about their lives - moving, uplifting, heartbreaking and inspirational
And the first artist we have ever had who had her own brand of beer as part of the merch!
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Massive thank you to Will Budd and company for successfully moving the Piano and bulk items safely to their storage space for the next venue in waiting we can highly recommend them ... See MoreSee Less